Building RESILIENCE and improving youth outcomes – FREE Admission and, see…

Building RESILIENCE and improving youth outcomes – FREE Admission and, see…

Wed, June 28, 2017

6:30 PM – 8:00 PM PDT


Cordiner Hall

46 South Park Street

Walla Walla, WA 99362

CRI promotes compassion in communities because at the end of the day, a heart centered life is all that really matters. By acknowledging and validating how we are human together and by speaking the language of resilience we learn together. We learn to recognize and master skills that help us reach our potential to live life well, in spite of past experiences. For seven years now, we have focused on strength-based strategies for creating a community conversant in ACE’s and Resilience.

You may know us as the team who laid the foundation for the documentary Paper Tigers and its sequel Resilience. Or maybe you know us because you joined us for one of our “October is Resilience Awareness Month” annual events and trainings. Or maybe you were one of the 1,400 people who packed Cordiner Hall for John Medina, and his Brain Rules message of hope. Now we are bringing Ken Ginsburg, a gifted healer who works with adolescents when they may be struggling finding their way through the maze of outcomes of ACEs.

Dr. Ginsburg is a masterful story teller, one who can inspire and lead us to more inclusive community action and support. His recent book Reaching Teens helps us understand how focusing on building resilience at the individual AND the community level is vital to our future! Dr. Ginsburg will bring his wisdom and experience on strength-based approaches that serve us all, as we increase our efforts to create a community conversant in Resilience and to help all of us– and our youth– find new strategies for hope and healing. Help us pack Cordiner Hall for the third time (Medina, PT, Ken) and welcome Dr. Ginsburg to Walla Walla!


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