Committee Descriptions

NASW WA State Chapter Committees

Awards Committee
The Awards Committee is responsible for developing and coordinating a method to annually recognize the winners of the Chapter’s annual awards.  This Committee will also select the award recipients.  Four members from at least two regions including the President-Elect or Treasurer-Elect.

Chapter Ethics Committee (Formerly Professional Review Committee)
The Chapter Ethics Committee shall be responsible for hearing and determining complaints filed in accord with the Association’s policy for adjudication of grievances.  The Chapter Ethics Committee receives and processes complaints regarding unethical conduct by individual members of NASW, an agency’s violation of personnel standards in social work, and an agency’s imposition of limitations or penalties for professional action on behalf of clients.  In each instance, the CEC is empowered to recommend sanctions.  The Chapter Executive Committee must approve all findings of the committee.  The CEC shall be composed of a minimum of five members representing at least three Regions and are appointed by the Chapter President.  The terms are two years and staggered.

Committee on Diversity
The Committee on Diversity members participate in identifying issues, events, and programs on diversity that impact the Association and it members.  Each member on the Committee on Diversity serves a two year term in office (with one half of the positions being filed every year), attends all meetings of the Committee on Diversity, and participates in the decision making process.  The Committee shall be composed of a minimum of five members representing at least three Regions and are appointed by the Chapter President.  The Committee Chair is elected from the Committee by the Committee members.  The Committee Chapter reports to the VP of Diversity who is a member of the Chapter Board of Directors.

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee is responsible for oversight of all Chapter fiscal matters.  The Finance Committee is responsible for assisting the Treasurer in the preparation of the annual budget, monitoring fiscal operations, and establishing fiscal policy.  The committee will review monthly reports on Chapter income and expenditures.  The Committee will bring to the attention of the Board all questions regarding Chapter finances that require Board consideration and action.  The Committee will consist of the Treasure, Treasurer-elect, and two other members appointed by the Chapter President, one Board of Director member and one non Board of Director at large member.  The terms of these appointments are two year staggered.

Communication Committee
The Communication Committee’s (combines the Communication, Marketing and Image Committees) purpose is to promote the mission of the NASW Washington State Chapter through various media opportunities.  The Communication Committee has a dual role to promote the Chapter and the profession to the general public and the members.  The Committee will have internal and external marketing responsibilities.  The external responsibilities are developing editorial policy for articles to state media and develop a plan to promote the association to social workers to inform and promote the activities and benefits of membership.  The eight members to the Communication Committee are appointed by the Chapter President fro a two year staggered term from a minimum of three Regions.

Legislative Action Committee
The Legislative Action Committee sets the legislative priorities and assists the contract lobbyist in carrying out the legislative programs approved by the Chapter Board of Directors.  The duties of the Legislative Action Committee are to review legislation before the State Legislature and determine the position the Chapter will take on the legislation and develop a legislative agenda for the Chapter that could include introduction of legislation that benefits NASW members.  The Legislative Action Committee will be comprised of one member from each Region, appointed by the Chapter President, and serve a two year staggered term.

Nominations Leadership Identification Committee
The Nominations Leadership Identification Committee (NLIC) duties are to select at least two candidates for each state wide position such as Chapter officers, Board members, and NLIC members and Delegates.  The candidates shall be selected so as to guarantee that candidates reflect the population concentrations, geographic distribution, ethnic minority distribution, gender distribution, students and special interests of the membership.  The committee is also responsible for assuring the Regions recommend such nominees as may be required for Regional positions and to adopt such operating procedures and make such recommendations to the Board as to assure the orderly and equitable conduct of the election process.  The NLIC will be comprised of one member from each Chapter Region for a two year term.  The members of the Committee shall be elected by the members of their own Region.  The Chair shall be elected from the members of the committee.

Professional Development Committee
The Professional Development Committee (combines the activities of the Professional Development and Annual Conference Committees) will be responsible for identifying and delivering the educational workshops of the Chapters as either stand alone single workshops or part of the Annual Conference.  The Committee will assess the professional development needs of the membership, establish a system of approving other providers of continuing education unit workshops, schedule the date and location of the Annual Conference, identify and select the workshop presenters for the annual conference, and oversee the professional develop program of the Chapter.  The Chapter President shall appoint the members of the Committee.  There will be at least eight members from three Regions appointed to a two year staggered term.  The Committee may have as many as twenty members to conduct its business.

WA Political Action for Candidate Election
The WA Political Action for Candidate Election (PACE) is the political action committee of the NASW Chapter.  WA PACE fosters the participation of interested members to elect candidates who support NASW’s public policy goals.  PACE is a bipartisan political action committee dedicated to advancing social workers’ goals in campaigns and elections.  The WA PACE endorses candidates for state offices and implements program development for political action throughout the association.  The Committee shall be composed of at least seven members five from at least five different Chapter Regions and two more members who shall be Chapter Board of Director representatives, one of which shall be the VP Social & Political Action.  The Committee members shall be appointed by the Chapter President for two years staggered terms.  No Committee members may be appointed to more than two successive terms.

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