The purposes of PACE (Political Action for Candidate Election) are:

  1. To help elect candidates to public office who support legislation and policies consistent with the goals of the social work profession and the needs of those who are served by the social work profession in the Washington State Chapter.
  2. To promote NASW legislative policies through political action and/or through support of candidates. Support can be through endorsement and financial support.
  3. To promote political education and full participation in the electoral political process among members of the social work profession.
  4. To take such other and further action as may be necessary to accomplish the foregoing.

As a voluntary association without political party affiliation dealing with support and opposition to candidates and issues, WA-PACE shall abide by the laws governing such groups as are defined in present or future laws for the chapter of Washington State. Pursuant to the objectives of social workers organized on a national level for political action through PACE, WA-PACE will seek to achieve its objectives in coordination with the national PACE unit on national issues and in federal elections.

The PACE Committee is mainly the same as the Legislative Action Committee.  Please contact the Legistlative Action Committee Chair woman Ann Allen ( with questions or to join her committee.